I will never babysit anyone else’s kids again. I did a babysitting job for a couple of my neighbors one day, and their kids ripped the shutters right off my window. They were trying to climb on them as if they were Spider Man. I was so furious when I saw what they had done that I sent them to bed immediately. When I told their parents about their actions, they were even madder than I was. They decided to compensate me for the shutters by paying for new orange county shutters.

The parents had a specific company that they called for the new shutters. I guess they must have needed a shutter replacement in their own homes. I wonder what kinds of things those kids break at their parents homes. The parents must not discipline them enough, because if they did, then the kids wouldn’t have done it to my home. Regardless, I’m not their parent, and I won’t be babysitting them anymore, so their kids are no longer my problem. I hope their parents will do something, because if not, when those kids get older, things will only be worse.

The installation for the new shutters was pretty quick, and the installer and I had a pretty good laugh about the kids climbing on the old shutters. He has some kids of his own, and understands that kids sometimes do crazy things. I think if I ever decide to babysit anyone again, it will be an actual baby. At least they won’t be able to reach the shutters because of how high they are from the ground. Not to mention a baby crawls at a much slower pace than an older kid at walking speed, so if they do happen to get away from me, I can catch them before anything really goes wrong.